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I have 2 sites running, Pro and Business.

I am in Melbourne Australia and there is a Cloudflare server here.
The site running on the Business plan is being served from the Melbourne server so Im getting great TTFB and the site runs incredibly fast, very happy.

The other site on the Pro plan (cheap, $20/mth) is being served from the Cloudflare server in Singapore. Not a one-off, it’s been like this for a month (since I started that site on CF)
The TTFB is over 200ms and the site is noticeably sluggish, at least compared to how it could be.

I am only concerned with traffic in Australia so it’s pretty important. Is there something I can do to fix this?
Is this just a side effect of being on the cheap plan?

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I remember reading this a while back:

(see the bit at the bottom)

Not sure if the situation has changed but at the time the fact that the big Aussie telcos wouldn’t peer meant ‘free’ customers were being served from other regions because the costs were pretty high for cloudflare to stomach. If what you’re saying is right then maybe ‘pro’ is now also impacted?


I believe you’re correct Saul. In most scenarios in OZ today those POPs are only available on the business plan or higher. We continue to work to try to expand our footprint and lower the costs to provide service, so this will likely change in the future (point undermined).


Thank you for your replies, this makes sense.
For $20/mth you can’t expect too much, I will have to look at upgrading.
I wish there was an ‘add-on’ price just to gain this one upgrade though, 10x the price is a big jump.


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