Pro Vs Business Versions when using DNS only option


We are new to Cloudflare and planning to start with DNS only services for now. In this case we would like to understand what difference it makes between pro and Business versions as long as we use DNS only services.

Can somebody help out to list the differences between two versions when using DNS only ?

Thank You.

No difference. You could even stay on free if you only want to use the DNS frontend. The plans only offer more options when you want to use all the fancy stuff Cloudflare offers.

Would like to note, the only difference once you get to business is “personal”/custom nameservers, which allow you to brand your nameservers to a subdomain like,, etc.

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Thank You Mark and Judge.

Does customizing name servers make any difference in terms of performance or any other factor ? what i am trying to understand is , does Cloudflare uses different sets of infrastructure to differentiate pro and business version users that can bring in any difference in terms of performance, High Availability etc. ?

Thank You.

Nope not in general performance or availability.

The higher tha plan the more options you get to twaek and secure your site, like more firewall rules, web application firewall, ‘Mirage’ for optimizing mobile views, ‘Railgun’ to speed up TCP connections and tons more ^^

And support response time depends on your plan level.


Got it. Thank You Mark.

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