Pro vs Business plan (max req/s, performance, etc.)


We have a business plan, but after reading the pricing page in detail, we have noticed that we don’t use the features offered by the business plan. The Pro plan seems to have all the features that we need.

Now the question is: our web app / web service have some short peaks of requests (500 req/s) and an average of 100 or 200 req/s.
Does the Pro plan handle that volume? Will it slow down?

Is there a max number of req / s on the Pro plan? If there’s a limit on number of requests or bandwidth, what is that limit on the Pro plan?

Also is there any substantial difference in the security? (I mean, if we keep using the same features but we have a different plan)


Request/s would be around the same most of the time. However, this depends on your origin location and your visitor geographical location. Cloudflare Business would have a higher percentage chance of sometimes directing visitors from Australia to CF Australian datacenters than Cloudflare Pro/Free due to costs of ISP peering in Australia. Just like CF Enterprise having more chance of Indian visitors directed to CF India datacenters which CF Pro/free would not - they get routed to either Singapore or Los Angeles.

So in terms of maths and networking distance where your visitors come from and which CF datacenters they will be routed to differentiate the higher the Cloudflare Plans you go. This can impact your requests/second purely due to the maths of round trip ping/latency times be larger or smaller while routing to appropriate CF datacenter.

So if you have India majority visitors, you’d want to be on CF Enterprise. If Australian visitors, you want to be on CF Business or Enterprise. If you’re USA based then CF Pro might be enough.

As to volume, even CF Free can handle hundreds of thousands requests per second without problems.

Cloudflare Business vs Pro from my perspective in terms of performance, security and features

  1. CF Business allows full page HTML guest caching via bypass cache on cookie page rule - Caching Anonymous Page Views so think of Varnish Cache guest full HTML cache but on CF Edge servers CDN’d.
  2. Cloudflare Business has Railgun which allows accelerating non-cacheable requests like dynamic HTML generated from PHP like on this forum for logged in members.
  3. Both bypass cache on cookie + railgun combined allow Cloudflare to accelerate guest + logged in members. In terms of page load speed, this is the biggest benefit of Cloudflare Business plan, having access to bypass cache on cookie page rule and Cloudflare Railgun.
  4. Cloudflare Business also gets 50 page rules to play with for much finer grain control per url/directory/asset cache configurations
  5. Cloudflare Analytics views on Business plans can have lower periods other than 24hrs like 30min to 12hrs views.
  6. Cloudflare Business get more CF Firewall rules at 100 versus 20 for Pro and 5 for free so you can have finer grain control over your security firewall rules for your web apps i.e. specific rules for your registration/login urls etc.
  7. Cloudflare max upload file limits vary on plan too Business get max 200MB, Free & Pro get 100MB and Enterprise 500MB

There are more differences, but those are some that I value and why I’d choose CF Business over Pro if my sites could make use of the features. I’ve been using Cloudflare for 9+ years on Free and Pro and as Cloudflare MVP using CF Business and Enterprise for past 2+ years.

Some folks overlook the higher quota limits for Firewall rules and Page rules but with my CF Enterprise account for both security and performance and fine tuning my sites setups, they are invaluable. I currently using 82 of my 125 Page rules and 63 out of 1000 of my CF Firewall rules to secure and config all my sites on my zone to my exact needs. Each web app under my CF site zone has their own set of specific Page rules and CF Firewall rules which allows me to narrow down each web apps configuration :slight_smile:


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