Pro vs Business - Network speed difference and POPs?

I want to know if there’s any difference between the Pro vs Business when it comes to performance (speed, lag etc). I know that the Bussiness plan has more features that can improve the speed (railgun, cookie exceptions etc), however, I’m not asking about those, I want to know if these two plans use the same networks and locations? In real-world, is the Pro as fast as the Bussiness package if we don’t enable all the extras of the Bussiness package?

Generally yes, though it also does depend on where you are routed to and that is an area where higher level plans typically have an advantage.

So if routing is important to you and your current routing is not sufficient, you might want to consider upgrading to the highest plan you can afford, however you should probably still clarify this with support in advance as you wont have an absolute guarantee that routing will improve, and even if it does there still is the chance that an ISP might route differently.

In short, routing can be very flexible and you dont really have guarantees, however the probability of better routing increases with the amount you pay (=plan level).


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