Dear billing team,

I submitted a ticket 3121229 to cover a strange issue with my new service purchase. I have added APO to my domain, where I have a PRO subscription. I am 100% sure I did not choose nor confirm dropping PRO subscription, however APO has been added to my account and PRO has been downgraded to FREE. Currently I can’t revert this change by myself, and I do insist on having PRO as I use some features that are not available with FREE. I do not want to risk loosing my configuration for PRO features or service downtime so I wish to have PRO plan active again. Even more surprisingly I do not see APO subscription in my billing section… Any chance to have it sorted out?

Kind regards


I see the replies from the Support team earlier today. There is no need to open another ticket, that will simply slow the reply time, the agent will continue to assist you on 3121229


Should I reconsider after 48h with no response?

No, more tickets just slow the process, I see the agent confirmed earlier today they are still investigating

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