PRO to FREE automatically - without unpaid billing

Today it has been exactly 1 month and 11 days, with no response from cloudflare to fix my problem. Simply my account, there are no payment problems, first I changed all my domains to FREE and they were PRO, and now I can’t even upgrade again. What terrible support from Cloudflare. God save Akamai.

Ticket: #3176342

Unbelievable :frowning:

I have flagged your topic here and ticket 3176342 for my colleagues in Support and will reach to them to get an update. I am sorry for the issues.

We are currently waiting for an update from our Billing Eng. We will get back to you soon.

Apologise for any inconvenience this may cause

Thank you

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Unbelievable, 1 month of 14 days, and no responses from Cloudflare, no correction or even, ever. an automatic response, that some engineer is looking at. What a terrible service provided, unbelievable. Are you seriously the biggest in the world in terms of CDN, etc.?

I just want to use the service, but I can’t even pay, is that right? Is this the standard of service provided by cloudflare?

@hkrishnan and @cloonan

Hi @user7649 I see two replies from the 16th and have copied myself on your ticket. I will raise this with the team today

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Unbelievable, and today, we completed 2 months of the open call for payment, without correction.

@cloonan, @hkrishnan , @Purnima , @MartaL

Anyone to help resolve this error. It’s been 2 months… by the way, happy birthday, 2 months without a simple payment solution. Unbelievable.

@cloonan , @hkrishnan , @Purnima , @MartaL


I took a look at ticket #3176342, and I see that our billing team has reached out to you with a resolution for this issue. I sincerely apologize for the inconveniences caused.


Finally the problem was fixed.


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