Pro plan wont activate


I was silly enough to let my pro plan lapse while I was away.

I have been trying to reactivate it and pay for it again by selecting to optin and pay for the pro plan.

This is doing nothing for me. My plan wont upgrade resulting in me not being able to get access to my rules either.

I contacted support and they said. (You let your plan lapse) But I already know this all what I had already told them,

Basically. I am trying to pay for the pro plan again and it simple does nothing. It say I have activated plan. But it does not take any money and does not activate the plan (no error messages) domain

I would recommend contacting billing support with this info.
To do so, open support
then select Account & Billing

Once you do so, please post the ticket number here, and we can escalate.

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That right. It shows it was upgraded

But it has NOT.

No access to my rules
It did not take the money
Account still showing free
And I cannot access my lockdown to change the access IP for wp-admin

There are issues on my account here

My account wont upgrade back to the pro plan
And I am locked out my zonelockdown

I am dead in the water. I cannot change my wordpress admin access IP that was in the zonedown. And even though this got rolled back to the free plan. It has retained the zonelockdown settings (that I cannot access)!

And see. back to this again

It wont upgrade. And I am basically highjacked out of my zone settings They have been retained

Look. After clcking upgrade and pay it will show this


If I refresh this page or try to go to access any settings i cant and it goes back to free plan!

Refreshed. Gone back to free plan. My account is stuffed!

My domain is locked down via the zonedown also. I cannot update my IP to get into my site.

Cloudflare has deactived my pro plan WITHOUT removing the zone down rules which I cannot access to change my IP to access my own site!

This is a night mare I need this fixed asap

I cannot access the zonelockdown to change the IP address!!!

My account has been dropped down to the free plan. I cannot upgrade it back, AND it has RETAINED the zonelock down settings which I cannot access!

Hi there,

Sorry for the delay in responding here.
I can confirm your domain is now on the Pro plan. Looks like your payment failed and hence the account was downgraded. Everything looks okay now.



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