Pro plan unable to submit a ticket

Hey all,

I’m hopeful of a quick solution to this issue with submitting a ticket to Cloudflare.

Upgraded to the Pro plan which allows for tickets of technical support, but every time I try there is only community answers given in the “get more help” box that appears. :frowning:

Have you already attempted to contact CF support via If not, follow the steps below!

If you have already attempted to email Cloudflare support via

Try emailing [email protected], then posting the ticket number (DO NOT post a link to the support thread) here! Posting the ticket number will allow us to escalate it!

Please note: If you already have a ticket thread open, DO NOT OPEN ANOTHER SUPPORT THREAD! Instead, post the ticket number to the already opened support thread so we can escalate it!

Yeah already tried to, that’s where the option to submit a ticket isn’t shown after clicking on the “submit a request”.

Ticket number is 2388318

Thank you for sharing your ticket number. I’ve escalated it.

Kindly and patiently wait for a reply.



FWIW this is all I see -

Do as it says: Select a domain that has the issue in the summary box to get self-service content suggestions and run the automated diagnostics!

That’s why I’m here, as the only option is community or help centre, there’s no ticket option when there should be on the pro plan.

Email [email protected], then post t-

You already posted the ticket number, it’s been escalated! Please wait patiently wait for a reply!

HI @arheh1 I’ve merged your ticket into 2388278, Support will work with you on that ticket.

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