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If I upgrade to pro, will the DNS and speed optimization apply to my subdomains too and they are covered under this too or only the primary domain?

For example, will my subdomains also be covered by the DNS and optimization settings and services or only my main domain?


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Pro is a per zone plan. This means that when you add it to it applies to the other names in the zone like and shop

It will not extend to other zones in your account such as or Each of those would require their own plan.

You can learn more about Cloudflare billing in the following article.

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Hi epic,

Thanks for the reply.

To confirm, the speed optimization options when enabled for the main domain/zone:

The same optimization settings will also apply to other names/subdomains within the zone, for example:,, and etc.

The short answer is: yes.

You need to have the names :orange: proxied and you can make changes using configuration rules if you need some settings to be different.

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