Pro plan not functional

Yesterday I shift to cname record via cloudflare partner portal. I found my original pro plan was not working. However, at my plan information said professional plan. Custom page and waf is not functional. I was confused that downgrade and turn it back may lose some settings. So I upgrade to business and downgrade. It costed me C$76.24. Can I got this refund? Thanks!

If you’re going through a Partner Portal, I don’t think you get regular Cloudflare plan functionality. If you have a subscription in your own Cloudflare account, you need to turn it off in the Billing section of your profile.

If you haven’t been using a subscription, they typically don’t offer refunds, but you can certainly ask:

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

I use use partner portal for cname records. I did this upgrade and downgrade on cloudflare account. When I delete this domain on cloudflare portal and add it again. I can still see my pro plan subscription. However, I can’t use these waf and page rules. So i did upgrade to business plan and downgrade to pro plan in a minute. Well, no worries. It’s fine. I just ask.

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