Pro Plan and Images

Does the pro plan come bundled with Cloudflare Images with flexible variants? Or is that a completely separate service add/on?

I see it mentions lossless image compression / Polish.

Cloudflare Images is a separate product that does not come bundled.

Polish is different and comes with the pro plan.


Thanks, that clears that up.

I currently am a Cloudfare Images user, but the only thing at this time to push me up to a pro plan is build count limits.

I think it would be pretty dope if the base $5 Cloudflare images plan came bundled in the pro plan, maybe with some service samples like a small allotment of R2 credits or other services. Iā€™m very aware that I am a small fish playing in a big bond here, but as an independent developer in this scenario, it would be a lot more enticing to have a pro or indie dev plan that had a full taste of what CF has to offer me moving forward.

Anyways, just my .02 cents.

Thanks again!

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