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I’m wondering if we upgrade to “PRO” - will this offer anything to improve page load times?
We use JS to defer images and all images are hosted so MIRAGE won’t help.

Site in question :

Cloudflare Pro vs Free plans, Cloudflare Pro plan is beneficial for higher quotas or page rules, firewall rules, firewall ip/rule limits, rate limiting rules, user agent blocking rules and mirage/polish webp, enhanced HTTP/2 priorization, TCP Turbo etc which free plan won’t have and/or has less quota limits for. All these additional quota/features allow you to better make use of Cloudflare for security and performance.

Cloudflare European data centers are completely battered at the moment, presumably due to restrictions on access at the colo-neutrals (Equinix etc…) and availability of line upgrades due to covid, on free plans anycast IPs are often dished out that direct eyeballs far across the world (sometimes as much as 6600km roundtrips) to ease the burden, e.g. spanish customers hit MIA during the day, you can see this via cdn-cgi/traceroute. Moving just up one notch to Pro gives you better priority (generally your eyeballs are given anycasts IPs that will hit something on the same continent) although you may find some eyeball ingestion points are still offline for the anycast IPs served to you - (e.g. LHR only came back online for Pro plans about 10days ago).

Dont try asking support about this, 99% of support don’t understand routing.

There is a third party website which can show you what ingestion points are currently available to Free, Pro, Business, Enterprise from your location but I forget the name.

Ask a set of customers across Australia - different cities, different ISPs - to give you the results of does it always give a local colo (COLO=airportcode)? - you may find on the free plan the ingestion point is SFO or SGP (enjoy the roundtrip), whilst MEL or SYD on the Pro, Business, Enterprise plan


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