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I’d like to take control of our DNS from our web devs. Currently they use CloudFlare and while our domain is registered with GoDaddy, I’m told using CloudFlare improves the performance of our web sites and services which are all based in AWS (open to comments on why performance would be improved simply by changing DNS provider).

My question is: Should I go with a Pro or a Business account. We don’t have any CNAMES configured presently but do use SSL Certs for both web and db sites. I believe these certs are on the servers rather than at the DNS provider, but note the Business account adds “Use your own SSL certificate” to the list of features over the Pro service, I’m just not clear if I need it for my environment. Given the cost of the Business account is 10x the Pro account, I’d rather not pay for it unless it’s necessary.

Thanks all.

It won’t. Any possible performance wins might be because of Cloudflare’s distributed caching proxy network.

Question is, why do you think the free account won’t work?

As for SSL, this is not DNS related, but you need a certificate on your server and if you use Cloudflare, you’ll also have a certificate on the proxies, though Cloudflare manages the latter automatically.

I’d really suggest to check out and #tutorials, as they’ll cover a lot of your questions.

Thanks, this is really helpful and thanks for the link, I had looked there but the info seemed to be more setup and configuration related than about the various account offerings.

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The different plans are covered at

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