Pro Licence subscription details

Hi for all,

I already using the free plan and I wish to upgrade to the pro plan but I wish to validate for some points

First point
I have to separate websites is the pro version fees cover the 2 websites or the fees are per domain

Second point
Each domain have multiple subdomains if the fees are per domain does it cover the domain with all subdomains and do I limited to some count of subdomains or it is unlimited for subdomains

Third point
Can I serve my primary domain with some of its subdomains from cloud flare and use its shared SSl
and serve the other subdomains from other DNS server to apply my own private SSL on them

Last point
I have a private wildcard SSL can I use it in the pro plan or not, and what is the difference between the Cloudflare shared SSL and my own wildcard SSL

Thanks in advance


It’s $20/domain if you want Pro on both domains.

It covers the entire zone, including subdomains.

In general yes, but when you mean “from other DNS server” I’m assuming you mean just another subdomain with a grey cloud next to it :grey: instead of the “proxied” orange cloud :orange: When it’s grey, Cloudflare won’t protect your server for that subdomain and whatever SSL you apply there will show up instead of CF.

In general nothing, but you should know that the CF SSL can only be used on Cloudflare. You can’t download it and install it on your server. You should keep that certificate up-to-date, or use a free LetsEncrypt certificate.

As a final point, I’d like to note that you still need SSL on your origin server, even when proxied :orange:, and the “SSL” setting in the SSL/TLS app needs to be “full (strict)”. If it’s flexible, the connection won’t be secure between CF and your server. Deprecated - Why flexible SSL mode is not the best choice