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Hi, my site was working fine until few days back when site is not accessible anymore.
I then saw on cloudflare that I need to do some actions, like update the nameservers which they were already updated, because site worked fine.
I clicked on check nameservers, but for few days still pending state.
Do ypu know what is the problem here?
Thank you,

Freenom is losing TLD after TLD these days.

If you also want some external references:

Millions of domains to be deleted as Freenom loses its first TLD - Domain Incite

Freenom is losing “.ga”

Freenom is losing another ccTLD after collecting military emails - Domain Incite

Dated July 18, 2023, 15:52:16 (UTC), that thread is starting:

So it appears that you would need to find (and likely pay for) another domain name instead.


i understand. Thank you All! :handshake:

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