Pro but still only Free options

Hi! I have removed my website from pro plan for some issues I had to test and added again also in Pro plan. Now unfortunately my plan is still free even though I have received upgraded to pro email. Can u pls help?

By the removal you explain, you would likely have received a credit balance on your account, which will apparently show up here:

In that case, I believe the same would apply, as mentioned in this thread:

yes but…

i see the 20$ but how can i use them to get back to the pro plan? i am still on free. Should I get back to free and then back again to pro? i dont get it, sorry, i had no sleep :frowning:

or maybe because i havent been charged yet? I have a payment method CC on file

I mean, my bank account hasn’t been charged yet even if the 20 appear in my account.

I do actually believe Cloudflare since January has been charging $25 for individual months of Pro, without yearly pre-payment?

Anyway, considering that $25, the way would be like:

  1. Create your desired plan (e.g. Pro, $25) right now.

  2. You will be charged the full price for the plan (e.g. Pro, $25) right now.

  3. At the next time you need to make a payment, you will be charged the price of the plan (e.g. Pro, $25), but minus the $20 you have on your account, so in total you would be charged $5 here.

In other words, the $20 you hold on your account balance would be subtracted in the second payment from now.

Many thanks indeed for all the explainin and sorry for dragging on this.

But … :)) I am on Pro with that website… and cannot change to free and back, the system wont let me. I only have the option to go to business which I dont need now…

sadly, after 2 days with money deducted from the account, we are still marked as pro but with only free options…:frowning:

What should we possibly do? Please help!

You should open a billing ticket from your Cloudflare dashboard. Once you have a ticket number, you can share it here.

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Hi, yes, I did from yesterday, is #2745310

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Hi @artyonline sorry for the issues you have been facing.
We have followed up via the support ticket.


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