PRO, ARGO or regular free rate

Greetings friends.
I decided to switch to PRO tariff and turn on ARGO, and these are my impressions.

Absolutely nothing has changed, the download speed of the site seems to me to become slower than it was at the free rate!

Only one thing has changed: there is less money in the wallet. So, think 1000 times if you need to pay for a PRO account and ARGO!

Can you share screenshots of your Argo Analytics?

Yes of course

This is the statistics of your resource, and for me it means nothing. I don’t even pay attention to her.

I look at the fact whether something has changed or not.


  1. Gtmetrix
  2. Pingdom Tools
  3. Google PageSpeed Insights

They say that nothing has changed.

And the speed of loading pages of the site remains the same as it was. The site worked at the same speed at a free tariff without ARGO and PRO, no difference.

Hi @konstantin.melnikov1,

Very often moving from Free to Pro plan won’t make much difference unless you need some of the specific items allowed only on Pro. For that reason, we tend to suggest try Free first, and only move up to Pro if they have specific needs, such as more Page Rules, that justify the upgrade.

Speed-wise, there’s only Polish and Mirage. Polish will only benefit cached images. Mirage, only images requested from a mobile device on a slow connection.

To test Polish, you’d have to run a test on with the “Repeat View” enabled, so that their server will pull the page twice, and get the cached images on the repeat view. Then compare with the same test while with Cloudflare on Development Mode and cache purged.

To test the effect of Mirage, you’d need to use the slow connection profile on your page test services.

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