Pro account pricing

I have a question. I have one domain “” but others domains redirecto to this one, like “” “” i want to buy the “pro” account, to use WAF so, how Cloudflare bill this account?
20 $/month only for the domain “” or 20 for + 20 for + 20
Thanks for your time.

Paid plans include all subdomains. If the hostname in the browser ends with your own, then it’s covered by the Pro Plan.

Sdayman, thanks for your answer.
I have another question, if i have the domain “” hosted in another country, and a subdomain hosted on my datacenter, is covered by the Pro Plan?

Thanks for your time!.

All domains under will be covered under a single self serve subscription.

The exception is if you have a subdomain added to a different account using a CNAME setup, but that would be unusual, and the subdomain in its own account would require a $200 subscription.

If your subdomains are more than one level deep (so for example) would not be covered by the Universal SSL certificate on any plan, and would need an ACM subscription.


Yes covered, it doesn’t matter where they are physically located.

Thanks for all replies.
One last question.
I have a lot a domains, all of them pointing to the same ip address, i want to protect it with WAF, i’ll pay 20 $/each domain?

Thanks again.


That’s correct. If you have many domains, you might want to consider joining the partner program as they might be able to make a deal for you.

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