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I’m putting together a small ecommerce website. I want to plug in a Comodo EV SSL to my domain on Cloudflare. I was reading on a forum that says I need the Business account which is $200 a month.
I’m just starting out and it absolutely doesn’t make sense economically to get the business account. It Can install the EV SSL by purchasing the Pro? If I can’t I’m really stuck here.
I need to have an EV SSL for this setup.

Uploading your own certificate (“Custom certificate”) does indeed require a business subscription.

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If you believe you need an EV certificate it requires a business plan to upload your own certificate. I use some of the largest ecommerce websites on the planet, none have an EV cert to my knowledge.

There is nothing inherently more secure with an EV cert nor am I aware of any study which correlates their usage to an increase in sales or customer confidence.

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EV certificates have been living on borrowed time for at least four years now.

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