PRO Account Activation Needed (Purchased but not activated)

Hi Everyone,

I upgraded to a PRO account and completed the payment, but my account hasn’t been upgraded to PRO status. I urgently need to activate the protections for my website, which is at risk of a DDoS attack.

I have two tickets open in my account, more than 5 messages sent and no response. This has been 10 days

Please activate my PRO account immediately. The payment has already been made! "


Invoice Number
invoice #: IN-2401533 date: May 16, 2024 status: CLOSED id: 0010757c-1237-5ff1-9917-4d9d7dfee10e source: undefined amount: $240.00"

Thank you, Márcio Porto Costa

Can you create a Billing ticket and share your ticket number here? You can open a Billing ticket here,


I have 2 open tickets:

It is

My tickets: #3264219 was opened 8 days ago and #3271411 was opened 2 days ago. I marked them as urgent and have been constantly requesting responses, but still nothing. I am very disappointed with Cloudflare’s support. Additionally, I tried contacting the online sales team and also attempted to reach the support team by phone, both of whom said they couldn’t help me. Why are my tickets not being answered? Why is a PRO account, which was paid for immediately with a credit card, not being activated? I just want to receive what I paid for, and this is becoming a headache.