Private vps

hi i am wondering if cloudflare have a private vps that i can get?

Hi @JimoYT,

Other than static sites with Workers/Pages, Cloudflare does not offer hosting, so no.


hmmm okie as a mate of mine has his own vps from cloudflare or is he using cloudflare warp? also ty for the reply

Cloudflare does not offer VPS hosting. They are probably using Cloudflare as a proxy in front of their site which is hosted elsewhere.

Cloudflare WARP is a separate product like a VPN, unrelated to websites.

WARP is a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Not a VPS, which is a Virtual Private Server.


hmm okie np ty

uh yea i know wat they are hence why i asked about it but its all gud now ty

Best to pass some of that knowledge onto your mate.

yep just confirmed it that he was using cloudflare WARP


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