Private Server On Google Cloud Platform and CloudFlare

I am little new to hosting and so I am confused for take step. My current situation is like below

I have one big wordpress site in site ground. Domain is from Godaddy and I am using CloudFlar. I want move this site on Google cloud Instance. So I have created Google cloud instance and have installed Cpanel/WHM. I have copied site on newly created cpanel account. Now My confusion is How I should change DNS for point my domain to Google cloud.

Domain on : Godaddy, Using Cloudflare : Yes, Current Hosting : Site Ground, New Destination Hosting : Google Cloud, My Current Domain :

For More information I have setup host like and NameServer as and on Google cloud. Let me know someone can help me for required step to change DNS so I can successfully move without downtime.

Thanks a lot.

You will need to edit your DNS records in Cloudflare to point to the new host. You will need to change the A record to point to the IP of the site on the new host.

Hi! Thanks for nice answer. But as soon as I change my A record to point new IP and try to visit my site, Its giving me 500 internal Server error. May be its hosting related but I have one confusion in my name server for new hosting. My both Name server have Cloudflare IP which is I think wrong? my name server must not have my ip?

Your domain should be set to Cloudflare nameservers, so will therefore have Cloudflare IP addresses. If you have definitely have set your DNS records to the ones required by your new host, but are still receiving 500 errors, take a look at this:

Hi! Thanks for nice information. I still have one doubt. As I can see I have A record in my domain provider which is site ground IP, I should change it and point to new server? or I should delete it? This is VPS server with cpanel installed. Thanks

If the site is going through Cloudflare, the A record at your registrar won’t make any difference. You will need to change the A record in your Cloudflare DNS tab.