Private Network RDP

Please watch from 4:51 to 5:20

I want to achieve just like him

I have ec2 instance with windows server

I read this documentation but I not good at the CIDR part and don’t know what to use their and Dont know what to do. Rest I know.

(I have a public ip of my ec2 )

Please if someone can guide me it would be great help

Do you know the private IP? And, by the time you launch EC2 instance you should know which subnet is chosen for this instance. I mean, under the EC2 instance details. When you click on it, you should see the CIDR.

I have access to everything :smiley:, glad you helped

Could you please tell me what are the next steps

I have routed my ip to the subnet of my ec2 instance and allowed access to the private ip of my instance from cloudflare access network policies.

Still I am not able to RDP using the private ip with warp turned on. Can anyone guide

If I argo tunnel my RDP. And which is secure behind cloudflare access. How can i access with RDP client in android.

This will be help full for android users who use RDP on android. So please help :smiley:

Please stop double- and triple-posting.

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I read this documentation. And tried my RDP to connect.

I am trying to connect to my RDP from another RDP using the cloudflared

But I get this error

Unfortunately no.

An alternative is using the private network feature, which is almost like a VPN, with cloudflared as the endpoint.

cloudflared currently does not support Android and iOS.

So your best bet would be the first option - video from 4:51 to 5:20.

Which ip to use for the tunnel

Did you find the solution of your problem? If yes then guides me to resolve the issue.

Still working on it, no one seems to know exactly how to do it.

Hey I want to run the cloudflared as a service on windows. I feel that’s why my private connection to the RDP is not working.
I used this command on the windows

sc start cloudflared tunnel run

But when I run the tunnel and close the terminal. the tunnel connection is closed. Alternative, the service manager shows the argo tunnel agent is running

Do I need to configure anything on my RDP in able to connect using the private ip or using cloudflare warp.

Cloudflared demon is installed on the windows server

Hello everyone.

I wanted to setup remote desktop connection for my team which is now in lockdown. I heard about the cloudflare access and it’s products from one of my colleagues.

I read this documentations,the%20device%20to%20Cloudflare’s%20network.

I tried to setup by myself but nothing seems to work

I have a windows ec2 instance in AWS which i want to connect to the cloudflare access. My team should be able to access the pc with warp turned on. But when I tried to access the private ip through RDP client I am not able to connect.

Is there any configuration I need to do in AWS VPC or subnet or route table or anything.

Can anyone please guide me on how I can connect my RDP on ec2 with cloudflare

I even removed the IPS in spit tunnel to see if it’s working, but no luck

Please :pray: help me

Hey do I need to configure vpn endpoint or custom gateway in AWS VPc in order to connect to cloudflare private Network ??

Do I need to configure the ec2 as site to site vpn connection???

Hi I finally was able to connect private AWS windows ip with warp and cloudflare access. What tough task to figure out.