Private key of origin certificate isn't visible

When I first created the certificate, it was there.
But when I just now wanted to install the certificate on a second and third server and opened the origin certificate modal again, I can only see the “Origin Certificate”, no private key.

This may help

Be sure to copy the Private key information before clicking OK . For security reasons, the Private key is not displayed again after Origin certificate creation.

From I suspect you’ll need to remove & recreate the certificate.

Huh, I see, thanks!

Maybe I remember it wrongly but I believe I did not see a warning about this when creating the certificate while for other features where something is only displayed once, a warning is displayed. Would be nice if that was the case here too.

+1 and agree, I’ll pass that along to the team, they could add some bold to the warning part of the text displayed above the key:

Copy the contents of your private key below to your web server and set file permissions such that only your http server can access it. Additionally, you can optionally encrypt this file and provide a password to decrypt it during your origin web server startup. The private key data will not be stored at Cloudflare and will no longer be accessible once the creation is complete. Please make sure you have a local copy of this key.

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