Private key for ssl

need help urgently.
I have purchased my own ssl from Digicerti, when i am trying to apply the certificate in cloudflare it’s asking private key,
how i can generate private key ?
the certificate need to install on my hosting server or it’s on cloud flare ?

Thank You so much in advanc e

Where? Can you post a screenshot?

Generally you dont need to and should not supply any private key. You install that certificate on your own server and thats it.

I have uploaded my ssl in server, in server it’s showing correctly, but browser it’s not showing properly

So you are on a business plan? In that case you can upload your certificate and key if you wish. Have you also configured it properly on your server? Whats the domain?

yes i have configured properly. below is on my server

I don’t know, whey it’s

but in browser
But in the browser

It still seems to take Cloudflare’s certificate. Whats the domain? And can you post a screenshot of your Crypto page with the edge certificates?

Sorry because of the security reasons, we can’t provide domain name.

In that case it is difficult to say anything. From your screenshots it would seem as if Cloudflare still uses the default certificate, but you can check this on your Crypto screen.

Considering you are on a paid plan, the best course of action probably is to contact support. They should be able to quickly clarify this and provide you with an applicable recommendation.

Thank You So much for your support and time

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