Private IP for HTML Cache in Business plan


I want to set up the cache everything parameter + Bypass on cookie. I know that this is only possible from the Business plan.

I’m worried about the IP where the request will serve my html from, if i have other neighbors and so on. Would be possible to purchase a Private IP ?


Custom IP ranges are AFAIK only possible with Enterprise accounts.

What exactly are you concerned by? There shouldnt be any issues with proxy IPs Cloudflare assigns to you.

I’m concerned because of the reputation of the neighbours in the same IP. This could affect my website in terms of SEO.

Where does the pricing in Enterprise edition starts? I just want to be able to have this feature.

Enterprise starts in the four digits and the best contact would be

Though I really think the IP ranges do not need to be of concern for you. These things are typically just myths.

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This is not true. The only people claiming this to be the case are trying to upsell you to a dedicated IP because of ‘magic’. See the video and blog post from Matt Cutts below on this myth.

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Thank you both for your answers!

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