Private email setup

Hello All! I would like to setup a CNAME Record to install a Private Email I’ve purchased for my domain. These are the instructions I have, but I must be doing something wrong as Cloudflare isn’t processing the setup. Can someone help?

What are you doing to add them at the moment, when you say that CF isn’t processing the setup, are you able to post a screenshot?

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Third time lucky! I think it worked. Is there anything more I should be doing next?

Have you added the other records specified in your screenshot above?

No! Just what you see in the second screenshot I uploaded.

Ok, so you will need to add the MX, TXT and other CNAME records that your mail provider has given you as well. It should then work.

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I’ll try! Please don’t go anywhere, incase I mess up?

No problem, there are always people around on here to help!

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Thank you!!

For setting up the following record, which part goes into the Name Field, and which in the value field?


So, you set the record type (drop down list) to MX. In the name, put and in the value, probably 1 and ttl should be auto.

Edit: Priority value should be 10 according to docs.

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This pops up : 58%20AM

Just checked, mail server should be and priority should be 10.

Got the info from here: Center/article.aspx/1340/2176/namecheap-private-email-records-for-domains-with-thirdparty-dns

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You’re amazing, thanks!!

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No problem, I hope it all works for you now :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is the last record I’m setting up but not sure what to put in the service field here : 14%20AM

Hopefully this means it’s setup correctly

Looks OK to me. Does privateemail accept the setup now?

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I’ve just signed in so I think I’m all set :slight_smile: Thanks again!

No problem, glad you have got it all set up :slightly_smiling_face:

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