Private Email DNS Set Up

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Please advise how can I set up email dns.


Cloudflare does not host email. Your email host should have the instructions on how to set up DNS for email. Just make sure email-related hostnames are set to :grey:. Here are some suggestions:

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You can set MX Records, TXT Records, SPF Records according to your the Email Hosting Provider. In my case
When we were using Rackspace Cloud mail solutions, only need to add the MX Records and SPF Records. If you can tell what are the mail hosting provider. We can help.

Thank you.

Yes, namecheap has provided MX and SPF records. I dont know how to add in cloudflare. Pls guide.

Here’s a guide:

first you need to add MX Records,

  1. Select the MX under the type category.
  2. Type/Paste the Name(domain name) under the name category.
  3. Type/Paste the Mail server(namecheap) Records.
  4. Then you can sell auto TTL value set as Auto.
  5. Finally you can set the priority value.


Type Name Mail Server TTL Priority
MX Name) Auto 10
MX Name) Auto 20

you can add the SPF values as the TXT Records.

Type Name Content TTL
TXT domain name) namecheap SPF Record Auto

Please refer @sdayman link also :slight_smile:

Thank You so much. It worked :slight_smile:

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