Private Email Beta?

I am new here, as of this month. The last time I worked on DNS, I noticed Private Email Beta in the left sidebar.

I am considering ordering domains directly through Cloudflare, but I need a single private email for each.

Today, I searched all over and could not find the icon for Private Email Beta. Can somebody provide me with more details on this service? Or is there some alternative choice for email service when I purchase a domain through Cloudflare?

Thank you for any help provided to this newbie to Cloudflare.

Here are some docs on the email routing service.

Please understand that email routing is not a replacement for an email service.

Thank you, Jake, for such a speedy answer. That was helpful to know, and I am sure will be useful down the road for me. But I am directly looking to see if Private Email beta is a new private email service. If it is or will be, I will purchase my domains with Cloudflare. If not, I will have to purchase through a service that offers Private Email.

It is not an email host. It is only a forwarder for inbound mail. You’d set up an email address here, like [email protected] and it will forward the message to the confirmed email address you configure. This would typically be something like your Gmail account.

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