Private domain has traffic

For some reason i get traffic on my own domain. Im the only one who uses this domain.

It will generally be tough, if not completely impossible to have a “private” domain running on the Internet, without being detected somehow.

If either you (or Cloudflare, e.g. Universal SSL) has obtained a TLS certificate for your website, to use with HTTPS, your domain will then be in the Certificate Transparency Logs, which are public.

Automated bots could be crawling these Certificate Transparency Logs, and once they see a certificate issued for your (sub-)domain, they might start crawling your (sub-)domain, which could very well be the reason behind at least some of those Unique Visitors.

If you really need something to actually be “private”, - there are some options, like e.g.:

  1. Avoid having it connected to the Internet.

  2. Enable access controls for your website[/data] you connect to the Internet
    → Require visitors to log in to your website.
    → Put it behind something like Cloudflare Access.