Privacy is nice, but what about protection and filtering?


Privacy is nice, but what about protection from malicious URLs, content filtering, etc. Any plans to add these features later on?


We’re definitely looking at it as an option but no concrete plans yet.


please do options for filter like openDNS did. i want to use at my home mikrotik but there’s no filtering for family. at this time i’m using openDNS for filter porn, adware, and negative content.


You can use dnscrypt-proxy to filter locally. Blocked queries won’t even be sent to Cloudflare.

It can also enforce safe search (Google, Youtube, Bing…) and also supports time-based filters, so you can allow/block specific websites only on specific days and times.


I’d second with a recommendation to use a local filter like dnscrypt-proxy because that way you’re in control over what should or shouldn’t be allowed in your network.