Privacy error with active SSL



My site says it is not secure in Firefox and presents a privacy error in Chrome.

However, my SSL certificate is in place and has been for a LONG time.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Many thanks!


Check your computer’s date :slight_smile:


My computer’s date is accurate.


The error message would indicate there is a problem with the date of the certificate, however your certificate’s validity period is valid for now

If your computer is on the correct date I’d check if you actually get the right certificate.


Thank you, Sandro. I don’t know how to do that. I’m just a small business owner, not skilled in these technical matters. How do I check if I actually get the right certificate? And what if I don’t?


Click the green padlock in Firefox, then the arrow to the right, “More information” at the bottom, and “View certificate”. Make a screenshot of that dialog and post it here.


You are most kind to help out. However, I don’t find a green padlock in Firefox. Here’s a screenshot …

I am researching how to view certificate in Firefox as soon as I send this.


Then try to click the “Advanced” button, there should be a way to view the certificate as well.


Your website certificate is expired.

Not after: 9/15/18


Thank you Xaq. Where are you seeing that information because everything in Cloudflare says my SSL is Active.


Hang on a sec, I do get that error now too. Now I am truly confused :confused:


Seems me and you are receiving a different cert than @sandro. I get error on both chrome and firefox. Check certificate


I just restored the previous tab to make sure I opened the right URL and I did. Now that tab throws an error too, only ten minutes ago it did not. And the connection should go through Cloudflare. I must be missing something.


How do I actually submit a ticket to Cloudflare support? Because my SSL is active according to my Cloudflare account, so why is this happening?


That would be support[at]. But right now I am still puzzled.


Seems different edge servers serve different certs.
receives the right one
reports cert is expired


Yes, that would explain it. I didnt take into account a Cloudflare glitch :). Though I am surprised I’d suddenly hit a different edge.

Anyhow, considering the certificate in question expired four days ago I’d assume something went wrong the provisioning of the updated certificate. Definitely a case for a support ticket.


At digicert, only the subdomain shows as expired - “members.”

The primary domain - www. - search does not show as expired.

Does that explain anything?


There should be only the wildcard certificate though, applying to both, www and members. It would seem the certificate was actually already renewed, just not provisioned to all edges.


Thanks very much Sandro and Xaq. I have submitted to [email protected] - Joe