Privacy error on domain

i tried to make use of hostinger to transfer my domain from Hostinger to However, hostinger did not allow me to do so so i moved over to Cloudflare. However, after inputting the CAA and CNAME records for systemeio, my website still doesn’t seem to be able to work. Hope i n find some help here or get in touch with customer support. Thanks

What is the domain name?

Is alright, it is working now, however i have bunch like over 15 CAA records now and i am not sure what i should remove…

my domain is

You don’t need the CAA records. is working correctly and you have CNAMEs for it. has no records. Due to the way CNAMES work at the apex, you are best to redirect to To do this…

Create an A records in your DNS for @ pointing to and make sure it is proxied.
Then create a redirect rule here…

i see, wouldnt and mean the same thing?

And what is Is it an IP?

Also can i contact you somewhere else regarding this issue

Not unless you set them up to be.

It is a dummy IP address that doesn’t go anywhere. There must be a record in the DNS for the redirect to work. A dummy IP means if the redirect is deleted or breaks, then requests won’t go anywhere and just time out (which is what you have now).

Sorry, all help is via the community. Like most here I am not Cloudflare staff, just a helpful user.

see, thanks for your help

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