Priority - Need Guide for sub domains

Hello Support,

I have a website “” and order entry system called “”.

Usually my website does not get enough traffic and can work on free plan but I am afraid that will my order entry system work in the free plan or not.

Many customers are using my order entry system for placing the order and uploading their images.

So what will happen if I migrate to cloudfare and can I only start caching/security to website only and not the order entry system.

Please guide what should I do. Thank you.

As long as the DNS records are added, your subdomains should continue to work.

You can use page rules to set caching and security levels on your subdomain.

Thank you for the reply but there will be many hits on my websites and I am afraid that free plan will handle the load or not. Please suggest.

Free plan has no limit on the amount of bandwidth your visitors use or websites you add.

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