Prioritize IPV6 over IPV4

My NS is currently with cloudflare.
I have a apache setup with v4 and v6 address.

Client is on dual stack.
When client access, it’s a random switch between v4 and v6 address.
Sometimes it connects using v4, sometimes v6.

Is there anyway to have v6 priority or v4?

The best way is to simply remove the IPv4 record, it would still work with both, but only arrive at your origin over IPv6.

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Would I be able to get the IPV4 address if any?

The client’s? Not sure if they rewrite it to IPv6 or they leave it as IPv4. I presume now IPv4 connections are for IPv4 clients and IPv6 for IPv6.

I would like to warn you that removing IPv4 records and leaving only IPv6 will possibly cause random issues with connections to your website. I did this a while ago to completely just block IPv4 access in my backend which increases security but I kept getting compeltely random 502 errors throughout the day. This is only my experience so you might have better luck.

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