Prioritization of redirect URL groups


I have a DNS entry that redirects WWW traffic to MONDOMAINE.thinkific

The problem is that I’ve created a redirection group of 300 URLs, to redirect my old blog post addresses to the new ones.

Source : hMONDOMAINE/acces-distribution-core/
Destination: MONDOMAINE/pages/blog/acces-distribution-core/

The structure of my new blog requires me to add “/pages/blog/”…

And I have the impression that my DNS entry is prioritized over my unitary rules…
Is there any way to check for redirects before checking the DNS entry?

Thanks for your help, as Cloudflare support is unavailable for several weeks, despite a subscription…

Redirects, if matched, will take place before going to the address given by any DNS entry. Likely your rule just isn’t matching.

You can see how the request is processed inside Cloudflare’s pipeline using the trace tool…

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