Printful store doesn't sync product


I have a store on my website which is connected to Printful (print on demand), since I joined Cloudflare the store doesn’t sync the products anymore.

When I look at the firewall page on my Cloudflare account, I can see all the requests from Printful are blocked (JS challenge - BOT fight mode).
I created a page rule based on user agent ((http.user_agent eq “Printful WooCommerce Integration/3.0.0”)), but still, all requests are blocked and my store does not sync.

I don’t have any SSL problem, everything is working fine.

How do I make Cloudflare allow Printful to work properly on my website?

Thanks a lot

Disable Bot Fight Mode is the only way to allow the traffic. Firewall rules have no influence on Bot Fight Mode itself.

Do I need to disable it just for Printful (how?) or at all?

Unfortunately, all. Bot Fight Mode is a global setting.

ok I will try. thanks

It worked!! thanks

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