Printful and Cloudflare issue


I’m currently migrating a Printful dropshipping store to its own hosted domain and I have done the legwork by generating the proper WooCommerce API along with setting up proper webhooks and the plugin works perfectly. However, I noticed that the Printful plugin doesn’t load fully when I have my site routed through Cloudflare’s SSL. The last step that I have to do is to have Printful connect and talk with my store so that they can communicate but I’m receiving an error stating that there are redirects and I have an incorrect URL that is being pointed at. Can someone help me figure out how to fix these redirects so that I can get this store up and running?


Whats your domain and do you have a certificate installed on your server?


The domain is currently in maintenance mode as I am currently developing it and no, I am attempting to utilize the flexible ssl first to make sure that it will be a feasible option first.


Flexible is not a secure option and shouldnt be used. If you want a secure page you need to install a certificate on your server.

Still, whats the domain?

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