Primary SSL working but subdomain having full issues


Primary ssl working when I change full to flexible then sub domain ssl start working and primary domain ssl not working !


First of all, dont change to Flexible, that breaks your security. Second, whats the domain?


If I won’t change then how to active ssl for subdomain , I found this is the last option


Make sure you have everywhere a valid certificate on your server. Again, what is the domain?


Are you on Full right now?

If so you need to make sure the server serving “hindi” has a valid certificate configured. Contact your host for that, apparently their configuration is not correct.


Thats good, keep it on Full and contact your host and tell them to properly configure HTTPS for your site.


What I mentioned three times so far: your host.

Contact them, they need to configure your server for HTTPS. Thats it.


Alright let me ask host !