Primary Name Server Not Listed At Parent

I have my application hosted on A2hosting.
I have changed the NS as suggested to below two.

It is almost 4 days and NS update is still pending state.
When I check the status at I see the below error message.

Primary Name Server Not Listed At Parent

Primary Name Server Not Listed At Parent

I have created a ticket 3 days past but no response.
Can somebody help me in this regard.

Cloudflare’s nameservers should be the only ones listed and that change should be made at your registrar.

If you mean to delete the ns1, ns2, ns3 and ns4 ns to be removed on the registrar, then I have deleted them in the dns settings at my reigstrar 4 days ago.

If Enom is your registrar, that change hasn’t gone through yet.

Please find the settings on A2.
Let me know if I have to change anything.

:wave: @senapathi.srinivasa,

That is your hosting provider. You need to update your nameservers where you purchased the domain name.

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Thank you. I have resolved the NS issue.
However I am not seeing improvement in the speed when I try to access from different countries like India or Australia.
Could you please guide me what to do?

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