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I’m a new user. I’ve read a lot of things, but I’m not aware of a few questions.

Here’s what it’s all about:
I’m creating an online training website for my client. I use Wordpress + WPCourseware. The lessons would be uploaded in the form of a video.
We are talking about 70 mp4 videos, each 200-250-300 Mb (50-80 minutes long). It’s a one-time upload, the files won’t be replaced.

My questions:

  • What pricing should I choose? Should I subscribe to Free or Pro?
  • Do you have to pay extra after uploading and downloading? (downloaded video: $1/1,000min/month; storage: $5/1,000min)
  • Storage: 5 USD/1000min… one-time payment or monthly invoicing?
  • What other costs may be incurred?
  • Can I block saving a video inserted into a Wordpress page (for example, disable “right click” and “Save as video”).

Thanks in advance for the quick reply!


I believe the post below could provide you some more information too:

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