Pricing for using Cloudflare as a Reverse Proxy to alter many site's IP addresses?

I have read that you can use Cloudflare as a type of reverse proxy, where you can have a bunch of websites hosted on the same server, but then via Cloudflare they will display to users as being on different IP addresses.

Is this correct? How much would this cost, and where in the API documentation might this be covered?

For instance, let’s say you had 200 websites, all hosted on the same server. And you wanted to use Cloudflare to give them all a different IP (to visitors). How much would this cost?

I see that there are $5/month add-ons like Algo Smart Routing, and Load Balancing. Do these have anything to do with IP addresses?

If you wanted say 200 sites on different IPs using the API, would it be $20/month for Pro plus $5/month for add-ons? Or, is this possible on the Free plan? I think I read somewhere that the free plan has a limit of 3 IP addresses, I don’t know if that’s accurate though. What are the rates for more IP addresses? Are the rates for this detailed on the Cloudflare website somewhere?

Dedicated IP addresses are available to Enterprise customers. ENT customers can also bring their own IP ranges, if you happen to have a spare /24 or larger block.

All proxied :orange: host names appear to the Internet as 2 or 3 IP addresses from Cloudflares range. They will be shared with many other Cloudflare domains, and they can and will change. If correctly configured, nobody except you and Cloudflare will know what the Origin IP address is for your 200 domains.

All domains on one account will generally have the same two nameservers, but thousands of other domains will also have those two nameservers.

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