Pricing for supported TLDs

Hi. I am considering to transfer couple domains to Cloudflare Registrar, however I cannot find pricing information. is there a place I can find pricing info for different TLDs without actually adding and transferring my domain to Cloudflare? Is there a reason behind this secrecy?

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They can’t publish a list due to contracts with registries etc. If your domain is in your Cloudflare account, you can go to the transfer screen and it will tell you the price.

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Which TLD(s) do you need a price for?

These are the ones I am planning to move: .co, .host, .io, .cards, .one, .top, .pro, .work.

I believe @judge may have a list…

Can I add domain in Cloudflare and see pricing without changing NS records?

No, I don’t think so. But it looks like @judge is replying!

Here’s a list put together, I’ve refrained from posting it on the forum for now but I guess the time has come

It’s not automatically updated or anything, but it should be exactly what Cloudflare pays to the Registry any time you renew/transfer/register a domain with CF.


Thanks @judge! Sorry, I didn’t realise you hadn’t put it publicly here.

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Hi @domjh, has Cloudflare announced this somewhere? Or it’s just your “best guess” about this? Would that be even OK under US antitrust law? I don’t think so.

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“should be exactly what you pay to Cloudflare” :slight_smile:

I understand Cloudflare claims they only charge the wholesale price but I still doubt it somewhat considering the .net fee and IIRC that issue was never properly addressed by Cloudflare.

Nope, not just a guess @cbrandt.

We cannot list the wholesale cost for most TLDs in our marketing materials due to commitments in our contracts with the registries. We can, however, give you the wholesale cost at checkout when you transfer your domain.

I rarely post info without backup. If I do, I always say ‘my best guess’ or something similar.

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¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I like to believe innocent until proven guilty.

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Agreed :smile:

Though, if “accused” the defendant should make his case and the defendant has been relatively silent on this issue thus far - again IIRC :wink:

Sorry, @domjh, just to be clear: I didn’t mean to question the seriousness of your post.

I’m just amazed that this is even legal, that one can set in a contract a rule forbidding another party from revealing such a basic info as price. Perhaps it’s because it’s supposed to be “wholesale price”, or B2B, and therefore not protected by antitrust laws (which are aimed at protecting the consumer).


There is nothing at all that requires a company to list prices publicly, prices only need to be disclosed as part of the contract/commitment process as you cannot form a binding contract without agreeing on terms.