Price list for all domain registrations at cost

I appreciate Cloudflare’s appproach to offer all domain registration ‘at cost’ without markup. However, it seems there is no overview price list for the supported domains. I can see the current pricing for each domains when I try to register, but no overview. Did anybody assemble a domain price list recently? There is a thread from 2019 where the now inactive user ‘judge’ posted a list (which is now inaccessible.

(In the old thread it was assumed that Cloudflare is not allowed to publish the prices due to contracts with registrars).

This is a scraped result, but note the date. Currency and registrar pricing fluctuations may mean this is not up to date.

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That’s great, thanks a lot!! Did you scrape that? It looks as if it two months old. When will the creator upload a new list?

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