Previous IT Person Had 2FA Enabled


We have been emailing (slowly) with support over the past month and a half, and I am desperate at this point. Our previous IT person had 2FA enabled on the account and since him leaving we are in need of updating our website information. We have put in the requested codes by Cloudflare support for one of the domains that we use - but do not have access to the others.

Is there any way that I can provide our card information to somebody to prove that this account is actually ours? Multiple users from my organization have emailed with no response over the past week. Please help. I would even upgrade to the business plan if it meant I’d actually get support on this but I can’t due to not being able to get into this account at all. Ticket Numbers: 2255885 & 2259153

I would be so appreciative if someone was able to help us get back in.

Do you still have access to the email address associated with that account? It should be a company address you’d be able to still use.

Yes I do - and I can reset the password to our CloudFlare account; however, it still wants the 2FA codes when logging in with the new password.

Were either of those two ticket numbers from above tied to the email address on that account? If so, then no need to send another message.

If not, then from that account’s email address, send a message to:
support AT cloudflare DOT com

They’ll have you jump through some hoops and then they’ll remove that 2FA.

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