Previous domain not forwarding

Hi - I previously had my domain “” with Cloudflare. However, a few months ago I removed my website and its nameservers from Cloudflare and reverted back to Hover. However, the DNS is NOT working correctly. I forward to a Wix website I built. However, the Hover forwarding does NOT work for me and for many of my customers. However, every time I call Hover, they assure me that it is working for them. It does seem to work for some people, but not for me and many others.

I have tried 3 different browsers on desktop and mobile and have cleared cache and used Incognito/Private on all.

Please help.



As your domain is no longer on Cloudflare, you’ll need to handle with your DNS provider (Hover) or Wix, whoever is doing your redirect/forwarding. works on HTTP only (which then redirects), not HTTPS. That’s common for DNS providers who tack on a forwarding option.

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