Preview Works--Production Doesn't. Only one branch

Hi there! In one project, all of my preview pages work, but my production page has never worked.

Why might that be the case? I have only one branch on my repo.


Is this a Direct Uploads project or a Git project?
If it’s a Git project then you can go your project → Settings → Build & Deployments → Configure Production Deployments → Change production branch

If it is a direct uploads project, the production branch may be “production” instead. We don’t have UI to change this yet but you can use this API endpoint: Cloudflare API v4 Documentation
{ “production_branch”: “<your-branch>” }

It was a Git project. When I checked this morning my page was working as expected. Maybe a local cache issue or something? I hit refresh a bunch of times so that feels unlikely—either way this problem is resolved now :+1:.

Thanks for the response