Preview Deployments Unavailable Publicly Even After Disabling Access Policy on Pages Site


I had accidentally enabled “Access Policy” on a Cloudflare Pages site. Later, I was able to successfully delete it via the API call mentioned in the documentation. I correctly get an empty policies array when I list Access applications.

However, my preview deployments are still locked behind a one-time login code. Moreover, now even if I click the “Enable access policy” button (just to test), nothing happens. It keeps loading indefinitely, and when I refresh the page, the policy is still not enabled.

It seems to be stuck in a manner that it has neither properly disabled the policy (which is what I require), nor does it let me enable it again.

Here’s what I see in the application’s settings:

This is what I see when trying to access a preview deployment:

How can I make my preview deployments public? Kindly assist me in resolving this vexing issue.


Has anyone else encountered the same issue and figured out how to resolve it?

Can anyone from the Cloudflare team look into this issue?