Preventing SQL Injections

Hi there,
I am receiving the sql injection queries frequently in my site.
Please check the screenshoot for reference.
please help me to block those similar type of requests from cloudflare security settings,
Thank you in advance.

Does it show that the request was blocked in the WAF section? If so, then Cloudflare is already blocking the requests.

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No the requests are not blocked
Cloudflare only showing Managed Challenges to them. I need cloudflare to block them fully.

Pls suggest me how to block those types of requests.

Thanks for the reply.

Without upgrading to pro plan, there isn’t much you can do. You can increase the security level, but that will just mean more challenges are issued.
I see it comes from TOR, so you could block TOR network to reduce these types of requests but it doesn’t stop anyone from making from them something like AWS.

Have you enabled the WAF? Review your SQL rule settings

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