Preventing spam from being submitted on my site

On the home page of my website I’ve got a “Request a Quote” form that is intended for to put me in touch with potential customers.

It’s been a few weeks and I’ve not got a single legitimate post on that form. Every single time I’ve received an email from that form, its been some spam about cryptocurrency or some mass mailing service. These emails are probably being sent by bots.

I was wondering if Cloudflare had any security measures to circumvent this or at least to limit how much it happens. I’ve had major headaches implementing ReCaptcha on my site so I’m lazy to do that which is why I was hoping there might be something I can set up here instead.

I’d take an all-hands on deck approach to block these, I’d start with firewall but bot fight mode may be interesting in this case, details here, Expert Tip - Bot Management & Bot Fight Mode. Can you identify the IPs of the bots that are hitting your forms page?

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